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a new empyr is born;
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The Music video was directed by the Australian KROZM (Midnight Juggernauts, Cut Copy...)
Available on the OpenDisc and MSN.

Apparently, Empyr's new single It's Gonna Be was chosen for the new CSI: NY season 7 promo, check it out below:

08.19.10 - New album title

Le nouvel album d'Empyr "Unicorn" sort le 15 novembre prochain et pour vous faire patienter le groupe vous propose d'écouter un nouveau titre !

From the OpenDisc newsletter. The new Empyr album is called "Unicorn" and will be released on November 15.


Also, during last week's show, the guys releaved that a new album is expected around September 2010!
Hello friends,
Oui fm radio invited us this sunday 05/02/2010 on the show called "Bring the noise" starting at 10 P.M.. You'll be able to hear the first song of our forthcoming !!! Exclusive ! There will be an interview, you can actually send your questions at this e-mail : pierre@ouifm.fr
There will also be a little playlist prepared by the band to make you discover what we are listening to lately...

Be there,
See you on sunday !!!

You can also listen to the show live at : http://www.ouifm.fr
( via )

A little more than a week to wait! :DD

Hello friends,
the album is done !!! We just finished the mix and the master : it sounds great !
It's quite hard to keep it just for us now, but for those who have the CD of the first album (The peaceful riot), you'll be able to watch some videos of the recording process very soon on the opendisc.

We still have a bunch of things to do before the release of the album, probably a few gigs here and there before that, so stay tuned, Empyr is back !!!

Empyr ( via )

Yay! Can't wait!!
It's about a time! The band is now officially on Twitter! Just follow @empyrmusic for the band.
& Also, Fred is @duquesnefred and Benoit is @benoitjulliard. (:
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