a new empyr is born;

A New Empyr
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A community for the french rock band Empyr

• Everyone who joins the community is allowed to post here.
• All of the entries must be about Empyr, or about the band members.
• No introduction posts, we don't need everybody to introduce when you join the community. It will make too much useless posts.
• The community is public, except for media posts (such as pictures, videos, mp3s), don't forget to f-lock all of these.
• Use a lj-cut when you post a big image or a long post.
• No bashing the band, band members or community members.
• Tag your entries! We don't want the community to be a mess, and we want things to be easy to found while searching thanks to the tag list. Also, instead of puting any tags you want, please use the existing ones.
• No advertisment for your blog/websites, apart if you contacted one of the maintainers and that we agreed.
• Always cite a source in your post.
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